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Montgomery Chiropractic Care - "Where Soul Connects With Science"
Chiropractic Care
Gentle adjustments realign the body to promote healing and relaxation. Sacro Occipital Technique, Activator Methods and Craniopathy are utilized to balance the nervous system. Get relief from back pain, headaches, sinus problems and joint pain. Restore your inner health.
Therapeutic Excerise Programs
Develop a specific stretching and strengthening program to heal injuries or just to improve your health and function.
Ultrasound helps promote healing and pain relief.  Sound waves are used on soft tissue injuries as well as chronic conditions. 
Acupuncture is a comprehensive system which, through the use of needles, cupping, Tunia (Chinese Massage), Guasha, Moxa and ear seeds addresses dysfunctions which manifest as disease or physical/emotional pain in order to restore the body's ability to regain balance. The combination of Eastern and Western philosophies can be implemented successfully not only in the treatment of illness but also in the exploration of well-being and optimal health.  
Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of reducing muscular tension, increasing circulation of blood and lymph, and harmonizing the nervous system.
Aroma Therapy Massage
Organic essential oils are used to enhance your therapeutic massage.  Essential oils are used to promote well being and used as part of a holistic treatment approach. 
Nutritional Counseling
Individualize your diet and pinpoint specific areas needed for supplementation.  Purify your system and experience new vitality through the use of herbs and vitamins.  Take the guesswork out of which vitamins to take for total health.
Counseling and Family Services
Short term and long term psychotherapy and family counseling.  Treatment of anxiety, depression and stress.

Phototherapy: Healing light therapies using different color frequencies facilitate the body's natural  process.

Biotuner Therapy: The Earth's natural vibrational pattern is very healing and relaxing. This modality simulates " Earthing " benefits.

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